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Conversations With a Wounded Healer

Who’s a wounded healer? It’s any one of us who works in a caring profession and is bravely doing their own work, while helping others. My goal is to share the parallel journey we as healers walk along with our clients and how we attend to our own humanity while caring for others.

My podcast is about conversations and community building, what we can learn from each other, and how we can help heal each other. We’re cultivating a space where we celebrate vulnerability, authenticity and “showing up.”

It’s a place to meet people I think will inspire you, help you heal and grow – and who you can relate to at the same time.

I’m inspired by C.G. Jung’s “wounded healer” concept, where the healer’s own hurt that gives the measure of his own power to heal.

Another one of my heroes, Brené Brown, puts it best: “Mindfully practicing authenticity during our most soul-searching struggles is how we invite grace, joy and gratitude into our lives.”

Together, I hope this marriage of vulnerability and professionalism will inspire and entertain you...enjoy!


Jun 12, 2019

Jade T. Perry is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, speaker, Tarot Card Slinger, Churchy Mystic, Chronically Ill & Disabled Babe, Embodied (Sensuality) Ritual Curator, and co-founder of the Mystic Soul Project. (The 2019 conference has just passed, but make sure to follow Jade to gear up for the 2020 conference!) The mission of her work is twofold: To creatively challenge secular and sacred systems toward greater levels of inclusion. And to contribute resources, art, narratives, and experiential learning opportunities that aid in the holistic healing processes of people of color (POC), queer people of color (QPOC), and disabled / chronically ill POC.

Jade shares with Sarah the nature of her churchy mystic work: helping others reclaim their body/sexuality/sensuality that may have been lost to shame at the hands of the church. And how she moves clients into healing shame through art, symbolism and mysticism.

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