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Conversations With a Wounded Healer

Who’s a wounded healer? It’s any one of us who works in a caring profession and is bravely doing their own work, while helping others. My goal is to share the parallel journey we as healers walk along with our clients and how we attend to our own humanity while caring for others.

My podcast is about conversations and community building, what we can learn from each other, and how we can help heal each other. We’re cultivating a space where we celebrate vulnerability, authenticity and “showing up.”

It’s a place to meet people I think will inspire you, help you heal and grow – and who you can relate to at the same time.

I’m inspired by C.G. Jung’s “wounded healer” concept, where the healer’s own hurt that gives the measure of his own power to heal.

Another one of my heroes, Brené Brown, puts it best: “Mindfully practicing authenticity during our most soul-searching struggles is how we invite grace, joy and gratitude into our lives.”

Together, I hope this marriage of vulnerability and professionalism will inspire and entertain you...enjoy!


Dec 29, 2021

Let's settle this once and for all: astrology is a science like quantum physics and theoretical math. Please don't come at me; I've got a former chemical engineer on my side. Actually, my guest Sara Calvarese, the aforementioned former chemical engineer, made that bold proclamation at the top of our chat. Throughout the...

Dec 15, 2021

Shout out to all the black sheep! Given the interactions I’ve had with many of you over on IG, self-declared black sheep make up most of this Wounded Healer’s audience. We kindred souls are a misunderstood bunch. 

With so many black sheep about town, you’d expect to find volumes written in our honor. Where are the...

Dec 1, 2021

Pardon me while I drop my first ever LIVE episode into this space! And, wouldn’t you know it, my guest and I cover all the Conversations With a Wounded Healer favorites: community, connection, spiritual anchors, resiliency, the white-washing of mental wellness spaces, and the importance of therapists engaging in their...